The Crossover Project follows a disciplined framework of success to effectively communicate how we support the young men and women of the community. 


Our 6-step process includes the following areas of focus:

1. Attaining a high school diploma or GED Equivalent.

2. Training in life skills leadership.

3. Gaining admission to college, trade school, or military service.

4. Successful graduation, certificate completion, or honorable discharge.

5. Obtaining meaningful employment.

6. Giving back to community.


The game of basketball is one of our greatest tools in building relationships with young people and walking them through this six-step process. Tournaments remain the gateway into the lives of our youth. Through these relationships, we are able to then assist individual youth with college enrollment, job interview skills, skilled trades opportunities, life coaching, and more! Our goal is that one by one, our young people would be empowered to live out the vision of Crossover and pass it on to the next generation.  


Basketball is a connector that invites youth into a safe and loving environment to explore their faith and identify in Christ. Our monthly basketball tournaments attract youth from the Polo Grounds of Harlem and beyond as a doorway of establishing relationships, building character, and developing life skills both on and off the court.

       • Crossover volunteers are leaders, mentors and role models for our youth

       • All participants receive a FREE Crossover Project t-shirt and are fed a "family style" meal 

       • Each tournament culminates in a final championship game with youth-based leadership awards 

       • Distinguished speakers give youth optimism that there is hope and opportunity in Harlem and beyond

We are committed to supporting every young person in achieving their educational potential. Youth work with Crossover volunteers to identify their educational aspirations based on interests, strengths, and life situations. This involves helping our youth set up realistic "next steps" and access educational opportunities. 

       • High School Graduation/GED Prep

       • College major and career planning

       • Financial planning 

       • Two-year/four-year colleges, military tracks, vocational schools, certificates of training

By completing their GED or improving their reading ability, our youth are much more likely to find a stable source of income, care for their families, and maintain independence and self-sufficiency.

Once youth are equipped with the essential skills and training needed to pursue a job or career pathway, The Crossover Project provides them with the resources needed in preparation to entering the workforce.

       • Networking

       • Resume Building

       • Interview Prep