29 Days

29 Days is a program we do for young men and women that want to go deeper and build organic relationships. We can talk about life with them in a more intimate setting which they won't feel comfortable sharing in other environments. We make the environment feel like home for them, we share a family meal while we help with resumes/job placement, talk about the Word of God, finances, relationships, driver's license and any other certifications (OSHA, GED), and ways to give back to the community.

We coined the term '29 Days' because it represented the time in between monthly tournaments  to  go deeper in discussion on some of the life challenges that they face; intimate discussion that we cannot fit in during the busy tournament of over 115 young people.

We host the 29 Days evenings every two weeks on Friday between 5:30 Pm and 9:30 Pm, either meeting in Hackensack New Jersey (10 minutes from Washington Heights, NY) or Morris Ave in the East Bronx.

What's your purpose.

Highlight from this months (April) 29 Days