At The Crossover Project, we believe a changed heart is a changed life. By changing the game of life, we believe God can unleash His power to change a generation.


Our youth were made to know Truth. They were made to grow, succeed and reach their greatest potential. The Crossover Project exists to provide vision and accountability to each young person in this process. Our hope is to open up a world of opportunity for young men and women to positively impact this generation. We see the promise, potential and life in our youth and are committed to seeing God's power unleashed on both an individual and communal level. 


To raise up young men and women of honor and integrity and to assist them in understanding their identity in Christ. We offer support and structure to enable them to develop their God-given gifts and talents, so that they can attain their place of leadership and influence in their communities.


To service young men and women so that they can achieve their greatest potential through the following 6-step process: 


1. Attaining a high school diploma or GED Equivalent.

2. Training in life skills leadership.

3. Gaining admission to college, trade school, or military service.

4. Successful graduation, certificate completion, or honorable discharge.

5. Obtaining meaningful employment.

6. Giving back to community.